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Your Valuable Home

By: Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk

Trenton, NJ, USA

After years on the radio, hosts Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk have flipped the switch to podcasting! Ou... Read More


  • Here’s a Pre-fab Option for Home Buyers Tired of Getting Shut Out of this Sellers’ Market.

    In the Replay today, Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling Company provides testimony to the quality of ProVia windows. Th ... Moree company has been a ProVia dealer for about 40 years. In the Bad Guy Bulletin today, Stephanie reveals a widespread scam that involves a moving broker and a mover. She lost everything when she turned to these two companies to store her belongings before making a move out of New York City. Turns out it will probably take an act of congress to stop this insidious shakedown scheme. Acorn Deck House has been around for years, offering home buyers prefabricated homes in the Mid Mod style. What you need is a parcel of land and the patience to see the construction process through. Acorn Deck House offers you the latitude to build small today, and expand per a pre-designed plan as the family grows. Acorn Deck House homes have a particular appeal for younger buyers who have embraced the Mid Mod style of architecture. Less

  • Anyone Who’s Had It with Being Outbid on Homes in this Seller’s Market Needs to Listen to this!

    In the Replay today, Charla describes her bathroom re-dos. Our Horror Story today drives home the point that, bad a unde ... Morerlayment installation almost always results in a bad tile job. In the Feature today, PA realtor, Jeff Lavine, talks about alternatives to buying an already-lived-in home, which may be leaving a lot of prospective buyers in the lurch for one of three reasons: 1) You get there too late, 2) You get outbid by someone willing waive an inspection and bid crazy money over asking, or 3) The house isn’t that desirable. You do have options. For example, it you live or can move to an area where land is still affordable, stop wasting time looking for a lived-in house, and start planning to build your own. This is the first of two YVH podcasts that explore the options. Less

  • An Interview with Matt White from Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach

    In the Replay today, Kevin takes us to his house on the Jersey shore to Replay the renovation of a fireplace using ProVi ... Morea® manufactured stone
    veneer. Visuals to be posted to Facebook. The Horror Story is about another dreadful siding and window job. The windows are new and they’re
    leaking. Surprise! All Your Valuable Home listeners with rental properties will want to hear what Matt White from Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach
    has to say about making money with residential real estate today. Less

  • How to Add Value to Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

    In the Replay today, Susan shares her satisfaction with her new ProVia® entry door. Next...a hardwood floor Horror Stor ... Morey that proves who you choose to refinish your floors matters a lot. The wrong equipment in the wrong hands can result in a mess throughout the house. In last week’s Your Valuable Home, Kevin and Ron were joined by three members of the Placemakers Guild in a brainstorming session aimed at generating affordable ideas about community improvement. This week, Kevin, Ron, and sought-after interior designer, Donna Hoffman, brainstorm great ideas for improving the value of your home and any residential rental properties you may own in an affordable way. Be ready to take notes. Less

  • How to Add Value to Your Community One Affordable Step at a Time.

    In our Replay today, Jess is back to finish our discussion about her new kitchen and bath. It’s our third podcast of t ... Morehe month, time for another Bad
    Guy Bulletin. Ron and Kevin are once again joined by Mike Bannon from Bucks County Consumer Protection/Weights and Measures. As long as the
    Bad Guys stay at it, we’ll keep exposing the scams and shakedowns so you don’t get burned. To celebrate our upcoming 100th podcast and the
    start of our tenth year of doing Your Valuable Home, we asked frequent contributor, Gary Toth and two of his colleagues in the Placemakers’ Guild
    to offer up some low-cost ideas on community improvement. You’ll want to hear this. Little improvements can really make a big difference. Less

  • Dr. Jessica Lautz, NAR’s Deputy Chief Economist with a Forecast of the Real Estate Market 2023

    In our Replay today, Jessica, a homeowner, shares the excitement of planning a high-end kitchen and bath remodel. And i ... Moren the Horror Story, Kevin shares the electrical and other issues a contractor who worked on Jessica’s house years ago left behind. This is a lesson in what happens if your contractor fails to get permits. Jessica Lautz from the National Association of Realtors and a good friend of Your Valuable Home shares a 2023 forecast of the housing market. You may be as surprised as we were to hear the NAR’s pick of 10 hot real estate markets for 2023. Hint: think southern states. Will the sellers’ market of the past couple of years persist? Listen and learn. Less

  • The Coolest Neighborhoods in America series concludes w/ Frank Lloyd Wright Creations in Buffalo, NY

    In our Replay today, Courtney walks us through her kitchen remodel and why she chose ProVia® for replacement windows. I ... Moren the Horror Story,
    John Gallagher is back after discovering more problems with his daughter and son-in-law’s whole house re-do. Most people don’t know that Buffalo,
    New York has the greatest concentration of residences and other structures designed by the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Our focus in Buffalo is the
    Wright-designed Martin House, created for Darwin D. Martin and his family and the Martin’s summer residence, Graycliff, perched on a cliff above Lake
    Erie’s shores. These two homes, in particular, showcase Wright’s prairie style of architecture and his genius for transitioning stunning, timeless
    interiors with exquisitely landscaped exterior environments. Less

  • The Coolest Neighborhoods in America Series continues with "Bungalow Heaven" in Pasadena, CA

    In our Replay today, dad, John, steps in to help Morgan and Conner take back control of their whole house reno. They to ... Moreld their story in our last previous podcast. In the Horror Story, dad does some detective work and finds many deficiencies in the job the contractor is doing for Morgan and John. In the Feature today, we explore the leafy, magical world of the Landmark district, Bungalow Heaven, with two longtime residents, Carol and Juan. Bungalow Heaven, not far from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, is a treasure trove of exquisitely preserved Arts and Crafts/Craftsman style homes and Stickley furniture. This might pique your interest in the annual Bungalow Heaven Home Tour coming up this April. Less

  • The Coolest Neighborhoods in America Series continues to the Mid Mod Mecca, Palm Springs

    In our Replay today, a young couple suffers a bad case of contractoritis when the renovation of their recently purchased ... More row home goes off the rails. Kevin lends a hand to get the project back on track. In the Bad Guy Bulletin today, we’re again joined by Mike Bannon of Bucks County Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures who weighs in on a half dozen online scams and the downside of home warranties. In our Featured segment today, the next stop on our tour of The Coolest Neighborhoods in America, the epicenter of mid-century modernism, Palm Springs. This is the location of acclaimed architect Bill Krisel’s iconic neighborhood of Mid Mod homes, Twin Palms. Don’t miss this one. It’s also loaded with images of celebrity desert getaways. Less

  • The Coolest Neighborhoods in America Series Continues with the Log Homes of Medford Lakes, NJ

    In our Replay today, we talk with Pat, a customer of Kevin’s company, VSP, about why he chose ProVia® vinyl replaceme ... Morent windows. Horror Stories often result from contractors either not knowing the basics or simply ignoring them. In this case lack of a proper underlayment resulted in a siding Horror Story. In our “Coolest Neighborhoods in America” feature today, we zoom in on Medford Lakes in the southern New Jersey pine forest. This town was born as a resort but grew into a year-round community. Dozens upon dozens of log homes here have been preserved with a lot of TLC. There’s also a historic log church, log coffee shop, and preserved log municipal building. All of this is situated on a series of pristine lakes... a magical setting! Less

  • Introducing the “Coolest Neighborhoods” Series: 1st- Multiple Mid Mod Neighborhoods Around Philly

    In today’s Replay, Deb talks about the finalization of her kitchen renovation. In the Horror Story today, Kevin inter ... Morecedes (at the homeowner’s request) in a roofing job gone awry. The Coolest Neighborhoods in America is a five-week series ...a must for all YVH listeners who are fascinated by historically significant residential architecture and the way communities celebrate and preserve it. First up, the Mid-Mod neighborhoods around Philadelphia, including Monk Road, where Mid-Mod architecture is mandated, Whitemarsh Village a Mid-Mod community situated on the grounds of what once was one of the most extensive homes in America, and much, much more. Less

  • Get the Jump on 2023 Home Improvement Projects. Start Planning Now!

    In our Replay today, Deb recaps her kitchen and first-floor renovation. Our Horror Story has to do with windows imprope ... Morerly installed — a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t let this happen to you. Listen in as Ron interviews Kevin about why you should start planning now for any large home improvement projects you want to complete by Spring or Summer 2023. An addition, new windows, new siding — these and other projects take time to plan under normal circumstances, However, now, with some lingering supply chain problems, lead time becomes even more critical. Plus, you have decision points like choosing a contractor, selecting materials, and other products, and possibly applying for and securing permits and the related inspections. Don’t miss this helpful aid in project planning. Have a truly Happy New Year! Less

  • Building a Home, or Planning a Major Remodeling? Consider Custom Furniture.

    In the Replay today, Brian walks us through part 2 of his kitchen and bath reno. In the Horror Story today, Kevin comes ... Moreacross an incredibly bad
    HVAC installation. The homeowners heard dripping and found water on their basement floor. Turns out the water was coming from the second
    floor...the improperly installed HVAC system. Look for photos of this OOOPS on this week’s Your Valuable Home Instagram and Facebook
    postings. In our Feature today, superstar pros, Brad Sullivan, head of Cider Press Woodworks, and multiple award-winning interior designer,
    Donna Hoffman team up with ideas for Custom Furniture that makes a statement. If you’re spending liberally for a new home or a major
    renovation, consider investing in custom furniture. A one-of-a-kind dining room table, sideboard, or buffet can complete any look from Mid-century
    modern to Arts and Crafts to Cottage or Farm House. Live Edge also has a place in custom furniture thinking. Hear what Brad and Donna suggest,
    and how they’ve included custom furniture pieces in their own homes. Less

  • Something New from Escape (tiny) Homes: the eEscape all-electric series!

    In the Replay today, Brian fills us in on the progress being made with his kitchen and bath re-do, including an innovati ... Moreve solution to capitalizing on unused space. It’s the third week of the month, so we’re back with the Bad Guy Bulletin. Lots of scams unmasked today. We’re joined by Mike Bannon from Bucks County Consumer Protection, Weight and Measures, and Kim, a listener who recently avoided a combination of email and Facebook scam involving a grant. In our Feature today, we’ve talked with Dan George, head of Escape Homes, about his company’s ingeniously designed small homes that make for affordable vacation homes, guest quarters, or for the enterprising, stylish Airbnb's. The big news now is Escape’s forward-thinking, fully electrified eEscape Series. Hear all about it on Your Valuable Home. Less

  • To CLARFI...some people need help with their finances.

    Mike wraps up his kitchen re-do point-by point. In our Horror Story today. Another contractor installed windows withou ... Moret flashing. No...the caulk didn’t help! CLARIFI is a Philadelphia non-profit that’s been on this mission for 50 years, helping “more than 750,000 families throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley...achieve financial resilience and positively impact their communities. CLARIFI has a positive impact on moderate to low-income families by counseling them on how to reduce debt, save, improve credit, buy homes. This is a story of hope presented by Steve Gardner from CLARIFI. Less

  • Exploring the Far-Reaching impact of Lyme and Lyme+ with authority, Dr. Steven Phillips.

    In our Replay today, Tish shares her and her husband’s Adventure in Downsizing. Be prepared to take notes and learn f ... Morerom their experience. In the Horror Story today, an “electrician” made Swiss Cheese out of a ceiling to install a few lights. Hard to believe! Our Feature today focuses on a culprit that can change your life: Lyme. Could the chronic condition of a family member or friend be the result of undiagnosed Lyme+ Disease? What is Lyme+? Are most family practice physicians capable of identifying Lyme or Lyme+? Is the average blood test to detect Lyme effective? Is routine antibiotic treatment for Lyme sufficient? What is Bartonella? These and many other questions about insidious Lyme disease are answered by a renowned authority on the subject, Dr. Steven Phillips. Why is Your Valuable Home addressing Lyme? Because many of our listeners, their children, and their pets are at risk for this disease. Less

  • Are You Covered for Named Storms and Identify Theft?

    Our Replay today is all about permits. When do you need them? Why can they sometimes be difficult to get? Our Horror ... MoreStory today is about a not-so-handyman who had difficulty putting up one piece of drywall that fell down the next morning. In our Featured segment today, we talk with Mike Celucci, an Erie Insurance agent about homeowners’ coverage....particularly coverage for weather that seems to be getting increasingly severe across the U.S. For example, if you live in an area where you never gave flood insurance a second thought, what happens in the event of a freak flood? Are you covered for named storms? And given the huge increase in identify theft, are you covered if it happens to you? All questions worth posing to your insurance agent. Less

  • A Sobering Discussion About Electric Vehicles (EVs), Solar and Wind.

    In the Replay, Courtney shares her kitchen expansion reno that gives her downstairs a “now” look. In our Horror Stor ... Morey, we debut The Bad Guy Bulletin, our once-a-month expose’ on shakedowns and scams from home improvement contractors and bad actors who use the phone, email and the post office to bilk you out of your money. Are EVs really the environmentally friendly auto option? We do a deep dive into EV batteries, solar and wind power with Barry and Chris, two listeners and top energy sector executives. How many tons of rare earths does it take to make the batteries for just one EV? How will we dispose of used-up EV batteries? Which countries have the greatest concentrations of rare earths used to make EV batteries? What problem does the addition of solar and wind energy cause in energy generation? You won’t want to miss this sobering, thought - it's a provoking discussion. Less

  • Is Your Home Safe for the Coming Holiday Season and Beyond?

    In our Replay today, Kevin explains the renovations he has planned for his home on the Jersey shore (AKA, the beach), a ... Morefamily room redo, a gas insert, new flooring and ProVia stone. In our Horror Story, we report on a contractor who is remediating stucco in a development, and doing the job wrong. PLUS, this is the first of our once-a-month Bad Guy Bulletins, where we call out the creative ways the bad guys are out to separate you from your hard-earned money. With the holidays and gift shopping on your mind, it’s easy to put a home safety check on the back burner. That’s why in our Feature today, we interview Rebecca Edwards from Rebecca has vital information on detecting gas leaks, smoke and CO detectors, residential air quality, and the often-overlooked indoor hazards radon and VOCs. Don’t miss this, and, please, take Rebecca’s advice to heart. Less

  • Team up w/ Bucks County DA’s Office and Consumer Protection So Our Listeners Don’t Get Shaken Down

    In the Replay today, Tom explains why he and his wife decided on ProVia Siding and he admires a siding job well done. I ... Moren the Horror Story, still another contractor claims to be what he’s not on social media. We don’t have to tell you that more bad guys than ever are working overtime to separate you from your hard-earned money. In addition to rip-offs by unscrupulous contractors, email, snail mail, and telephone scams are definitely on the rise and the bad guys are getting bolder every day. Learn about the latest scams. Knowledge is your first line of defense! Less