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Your Valuable Home

By: Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk

Trenton, NJ, USA

After years on the radio, hosts Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk have flipped the switch to podcasting! Ou... Read More


  • 4 different people, 4 different approaches to making money with rental property

    In our Replay today, we talk about the next stage in Tom Martino’s master bath and bar room reno. The Horror Story is ... More about a lazy roofer who didn’t replace the step flashing and the ceiling drywall collapsed The beauty of residential real estate is that it isn’t one size fits all. Listen to these four different investors, all of whom got into residential real estate as an investment. One likes older properties with fix-up potential. Another likes condos in HOA-run communities. And only two of the four use management companies to manage their properties, collect the rent and deal with tenants. An investment in a residential property can be what you need it to be. Less

  • Listen to this before tackling a patio or walkway as a DIY project.

    In our Replay today, a listener shares his plan for two projects: 1) rejuvenating a master bedroom, and 2) transforming ... Morea decaying hot tub room into a bar area. In our Featured segment, hardscaping and masonry pro, Mike McColgan, shares his thoughts on different types of materials for walkways and patios and the looks that can be achieved with each. He also describes the many steps he takes to create a paver walkway and entryway...clearly not a job for the casual DIYer. Less

  • Can 1,000,000 Acres of Salt Marsh Be Saved?

    Our Replay and Horror Story today are about a new roofing job that turned into a big, avoidable problem. A new roof gon ... Moree bad, can be one of the biggest home improvement hassles a homeowner can face. Then, Cameron Jaggard from the PEW Charitable Trusts explains how PEW is involved in a huge and vital mission by military and civilian organizations, including the Gullah Geechee Nation (descendants of slaves), to rescue 1,000,000 acres of salt marsh from North Carolina to the east coast of northern Florida. Salt marsh has been proved to be an effective line of defense against rising seas...a protector of property, even jobs! If you have coastal property and/or concern about global warming, you’ll want to listen and pass this on. Less

  • This futuristic community is happening now near Ft. Myers FL

    In our Replay today, we talk with Trish, a Your Valuable Home listener planning to move from California to Pennsylvania. ... More In her letter to Kevin, Trish reveals some information that unscrupulous contractors could prey upon. In our Horror Story, a homeowner is taken by a contractor demanding a large up-front payment. The Feature today is a fascinating discussion about the first solar-powered city in the U.S. It has its own healthcare and school systems, town center with shopping, restaurants, etc., a large lake and golf course, and other recreational facilities – and every home comes with broadband and EV charging equipment. It’s an inter-generational vision come true for Syd Kitson, the driving force behind Babcock Ranch. Less

  • We tap the Canadian website for GREEN building wisdom.

    Need to figure out inter-generational living arrangements, John is making progress with his solution. Listen to this en ... Morelightening Replay. New Pod City’s own Frank and Christina Sasso, encountered a Horror Story in their New Jersey rental property: their plumber got stumped over how to run a new vent pipe through the roof. Dealing with the pipe collar vent flashing left the plumber scratching his head. In our Featured segment this week, we talk with one of the founders of about the treasure trove of GREEN building information and best practices to be accessed on the site – all for free. If you’re thinking GREEN for a new primary residence, vacation home or addition – or you just want to understand the subject better – this is a definite “must hear.” Less

  • There’s more to maintaining a healthy lawn than cutting the grass.

    In our Replay today, we critique the concept of online referral services. If you have ever used one, or are planning to ... More, this is worth a listen. You would expect the stucco application and windows in a newly constructed home to be trouble-free. Not so in this Horror Story. In our Featured segment today, Chris Sherrington from Lawn Doctor covers the why and how of all the tools and processes Lawn Doctor pros employ to maintain healthy lawns and shrubs – and fight the critters that destroy them. There’s a science to it that is best left to the pros. You do the cutting. Lawn Doctor does the rest. Less

  • Expert tips on giving your home a timeless interior.

    In our Replay today, Danny wraps up his solution to giving his beach house guests their own private bath. Our Horror St ... Moreory comes from an architect who solved the puzzle of why so many front porches in a new development blew down. This will blow your mind! In our Featured segment, multiple award-winning interior designer, Donna Hoffman, returns for an encore interview on how to achieve a timeless look in home décor that will last for years, versus a trendy look that could be quickly outdated. Doing a major makeover? Should you rip up that butterscotch narrow-width hardwood? Not so fast, Donna says. Less

  • Does the 15-minute City Make for a Better Way of Life?

    In our Replay, we wrap up a project where one bath becomes two This may be an answer for some of our listeners. In our ... MoreHorror Story today, hear what happens when a contractor subs out a roofing job...nothing good.
    Today in our Featured segment, Meg Bondilli, a marketer of real estate developments, explains the concept of the 15-minute city. She also provides examples of cities in Europe and the U.S. where the concept has been successfully deployed. The 15-minute city relegates the automobile to a subordinate role. It’s where people can live, work and enjoy recreation and entertainment in a compact area that encourages active transportation (EG – walking, bicycling), and where spaces become “places” for human interaction. Less

  • Mold: to Know It Is to Want It Out of Your House.

    In our Replay today, we address listener comments about two ways to prevent ice damming from forcing water under your sh ... Moreingles and into your home – ice shield and heat tape. Which do you think is more effective? The Horror Story? You guessed it...another roofing nightmare, because the roofer didn’t install the flashing and ice shield properly. In our Featured segment today, we engage Ray Nabi, one of the top mold experts in the U. S., in a comprehensive discussion about mold, its negative impact on the human body, how you can spot it, and protect against it. Mold can attack the lungs, exasperating asthma and other respiratory conditions. It also puts children at increased risk of developing asthma. Stachybotrys and Aspergillus are two particularly dangerous types of mold. can’t prevent it, but you can protect yourself and your family. Less

  • Be Safe. Get Radon Out of Your Home

    In our Replay today, Kevin takes on what seems like an impossible project, and makes it happen. He converts one hallway ... More bath into two full baths. In our Horror Story, another roofer delivers a botch job, including damaging the gutters and fascia. And in our Featured segment, Thomas Bowels, Radon Team Lead at the EPA, talks about the prevalence and danger of Radon in homes, and what you can do about it. Amazingly, most homes in the U.S. are subjected to this cancer-causing gas. Less