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Your Valuable Home

By: Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk

Trenton, NJ, USA

After years on the radio, hosts Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk have flipped the switch to podcasting! Ou... Read More


  • Buying Major Appliances Simplified

    Frank Sasso, the founder of the New Pod City Podcast Network is the wizard behind the recording, editing and mixing of a ... Morell Your Valuable Home Podcasts. He opens this week’s podcast riffing on what makes YVH a unique and important weekly podcasting experience for anyone who owns residential real estate. In our Horror Story this week, you’ll scratch your head, as we did, about this crazy vinyl window installation. And then there’s our Feature. Fitting out an existing or new kitchen with major appliances can be a confusing array of brands, features, prices. That’s until you spend an invaluable half-hour with Conal Rony, the “appliance consultant” at Kieffer’s, a major retailer in southeastern Pennsylvania. In one interview, he helps our listeners put together the appliance puzzle. Don’t miss this. Less

  • Fairfax County, VA pivots to address the growing demand for “walk-ups.”

    In this week’s Replay, Bob the homeowner shares his vision for an expanded kitchen. Bob also provides today’s Horro ... Morer Story about a new, leaking roof. His contractor simply walked away. Fairfax County grew into prosperity and prominence in northern Virginia largely because of the automobile. Now, in a sign of the times, the County is guiding development to achieve more user-friendly environments for pedestrians and bicyclists. Reston Town Center in Fairfax County is considered a model for community growth in 2022 and beyond. Join us for this fascinating discussion of what’s next for Fairfax and what it means for homeowners and businesses. Less


    In the fifth episode of our new Listener Favorites Series, you’ll learn about Unison, the novel way to leverage your h ... Moreome’s equity, to make improvements, pay off medical bills…whatever. It’s true…no interest or principal payments for up to 30 years!

    But first, in our Replay, we help the legendary performer, Kim Sledge plan a garage makeover to livable room. Kim and her sisters (Sister Sledge) gave the world "We Are Family" and a string of other hits. In the Horror Story, Kevin was working one of his jobs, when along came a contractor without a permit to solicit business from Kevin’s customer. Some people have no shame. Less


    In the fourth episode of our new Listener Favorites Series, we speak with a Provia executive about the finer points of t ... Morehe company’s windows and doors and their incredible warranty.

    But first, in our Replay, Gerri talks through the projects she has in mind for her new downsized house. If you’re planning interior work, you can get some ideas by listening to this interview. Think you're safe hiring a family member to do some simple home improvements. Gerri did and paid the price. Less


    In the third episode of our new Listener Favorites Series, we learn about the first house in America designed to be both ... More resilient and sustainable from the architect who designed it, Illya Azaraoff. This house, built to replace one destroyed in hurricane Sandy, can stand up to a Category 5 hurricane.

    But first, in our Replay, Kevin walks us through the final steps in the installation of the expanded septic system that was required when he added an in-law suite to his home. Our Horror Story involves a newly constructed residence with all sorts of workmanship issues. Oh yes, it happens. Resilient and sustainable…these are two terms that are making their way into more and more discussions of how we build residential structures in America. Less


    In the second episode of our new Listener Favorites Series, Kevin, John the Master Plumber, and electricians James and J ... Moreoseph run down a list of projects that the average weekend DIYer should not take on because they’re either too complex, too dangerous or both.

    But first, in our Replay, in our Replay, we talk with Jed about replacing 22 windows in his home – and about turning a dilapidated porch with an aging hot top into an inviting sitting area. The Horror Story is about the nightmare framing and wiring job done on Jed’s porch by a former owner. Less


    In the first episode of our new Listener Favorites Series, much-awarded interior designer, Donna Hoffman, accepts our ch ... Moreallenge to share her thoughts on how to bring the interiors of homes in six different architectural styles up to date.

    But first, in our Replay, Angel, an interior designer, shares the back story of how she found a mid-century modern home for her mid-century modern Airstream. Both are rejuvenation projects in progress. In the Horror Story, Kevin explains how a young interior designer made a huge mistake by scheduling the installation of a hardwood floor before the demolition was done. Ouch! Less

  • Is Deep-Seated Water a Solution to Our Fresh Water Problems in the West?

    In our replay today, Kevin demystifies roofing estimates for a homeowner. In our Horror Story, workers for a large buil ... Moreder try to cover up two different roof elevations on the same roof with a roof over a roof. A nightmare! In our Feature segment, we’ll explore the potential of deep-seated water with Merlin Yockstick from Blue Planet Science Group. Merlin claims that there’s plenty of fresh water in the U. S. and around the globe in relatively untapped networks of aquifers, below those that have historically been tapped. He also talks about the technology required to find that deep-seated water and cites 1,500 wells that have been drilled on several continents that prove his point. Less

  • How the Infrastructure Law Impacts You - Part 2

    In our Replay today, Josh talks about the finishing touches and the overall appeal of his re-built master bath. Our Hor ... Moreror Story is about the perils of dealing with the sales personnel of high-pressure, high-volume window installation companies. In our Featured segment, “ Mr. Sustainable,” Dante Di Pirro, a pro-environmental lawyer, addresses what the recently-passed Infrastructure Law means for sustainable forms of energy, the power grid, EVs and broadband. In this part 2 of our series on the new Law, there’s a lot of good news for communities across the country. Less

  • How the Infrastructure Law Impacts You - Part I

    In our Replay today, Joshua shares his master bath project. It’s a complete makeover with a much-enlarged shower - som ... Moreething more and more homeowners are doing these days. In our Horror Story, a contractor tried to band aid a botched siding job. Did it work? Half-way through today’s podcast we talk with transportation expert and Your Valuable Home contributor, Gary Toth, about provisions in the Infrastructure Law that make cities and towns more user friendly for pedestrians and people on bicycles, and bring rail travel, roads and bridges up to date. Less

  • Time to Re-think the Purchase of a Back-up Generator?

    In our Replay, John shares the experience of re-modeling his master bath. Our Horror story today deals with a homeowner ... More’s worst nightmare. When a scaffold broke a worker fell and neither he nor the GC had worker’s comp. The homeowner got sued. In our Feature segment today, we dig deep into the subject of standby and portable home generators with a top executive at Generac. A lot of homeowners in Texas were caught off-guard without generators during the 2021 power crisis. Don’t let it happen to you. Get a quick education on generators in the second half of today’s podcast. Less

  • A Hydrogen Powered House

    In our Replay today, Rosemary shares the process of leaving a large house with a lot of property after 30-some years, an ... Mored right-sizing to a one-bedroom rental cottage. Our Horror Story today is proof that celebrities, too, can be victimized by contractors who do shoddy work. Kim shares her story of the two-tub nightmare. In our fascinating Featured segment today, we discuss the why and how of a house in New Jersey that is entirely powered by hydrogen. Here the points of view of the engineer who created it, the woman who owns it and the real estate agent charged with marketing it. Less

  • Your Outdoor Environment

    If you’re planning an extensive makeover of your kitchen, you’ll want to hear about Stacey’s kitchen re-do. It in ... Morecludes the removal of walls to reveal her back yard view.
    Then in our Horror Story, the second installment of the epic botch job created by Linda’s plumber. In our Featured segment today, the notable landscape architect Carter VanDyke showcases spectacular projects that could be part of the landscape anywhere, USA. Carter offers suggestions on livening your outdoor environment, whether you’re living in Pennsylvania, Florida or southern California. If your property is in need of landscaping/hardscaping, you’ll want to hear this. Less

  • Designing Homes for Seaside Locations

    In our Replay today, Josh talks about the completion of his kitchen and hall bath. If you’ve been following the progr ... Moreess, you’ll want to hear the final outcome. Our Horror Story is about what could be the worst siding job in history. Listen and pick up pointers that can prevent this from happening to you. And in our Featured segment, architect Darren Vickery talks about his approach to designing homes for seaside locations. Less

  • How One State Is Dealing with the Water Problem in the West

    Our Replay today deals with Linda’s ambitious makeover of her house, including new bedrooms, a new living room and an ... Moreaddition. Linda’s dream became a $400,000 nightmare that began with an $85,000 up-front payment to definitely the wrong contractor. In our Featured segment today, we learn the complexity of the water shortage in the Western states and how Arizona is meeting the challenges of a dwindling water supply. You’ll want to hear this eye-opening interview with the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Less

  • Listen to a Textbook Mid-century Modern Renovation in the Making

    In our Replay today Joshua returns to talk about the transformation of his kitchen and bath…from old to new in only tw ... Moreo weeks. Would you hand over $85,000 to a contractor at the beginning of a renovation. This woman did, and that was only the beginning of her Horror Story. She ultimately wasted about $400,000 on work that had to be totally re-done. In our Featured segment today, Angel returns with an up-date on her textbook Mid-century Modern home renovation. Homes in this architectural genre deserve to be preserved, and Angel is doing it right. Less

  • Interior water leaks needn’t drain your pocketbook or cause damage and disruption

    Our Replay today involves a young couple – Mark and Stacey – who finally found their first home in the desirable Che ... Morestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. It’s not easy, but it is possible to find an affordable, livable home in this crazy seller’s market. In the Horror Story, a homeowner is left scratching their head about which was worse…the tornado that damaged the roof or the repair job that followed. In our Featured Segment today, you’ll learn about a company called FloLogic® with the technology to detect water leaks when they start, shut down your home’s water supply and alert you to the problem. If you want to avoid this kind of headache, you need to hear this. Less

  • Need a New Roof? Then You Need to Hear Our Roofing 101 Featured Segment Today.

    In our Replay today, Joshua talks with Kevin about his vision for his kitchen and bath reno. We’ll have Josh back as ... Morethe project progresses. Our Horror Story today is about a roofing job that’s as bad as it gets. It was definitely avoidable. A new roof is an expensive home improvement. That’s precisely why you can’t afford to take a leap of faith that the contractor will do a great job. In our Featured segment today, we’ll explain what should be included in a comprehensive roofing estimate, how to evaluate a roofing contractor, and how to make sure you get what you paid for. When it comes to inspecting a roofer’s work, a picture is worth a couple thousand words. Less

  • Steve Olsher, publisher of PodCast Magazine, gives a compelling course in residential real estate!

    Our Replay this week deals with bringing the out-of-date look of a house up-to-date, without spending a fortune. New wi ... Morendows, trim, and doors did the trick. Should a new roof leak? In this Horror Story, that’s just want happened, because the roofer failed to replace some step flashing, and improperly installed the pipe collars. In addition to sharing his residential real estate “know how” in our Feature this week, Steve Olsher also gives us a peak into his next residential real estate project, LATATUD. If you’re a YVH listener, and thinking about investing in residential real estate, listen to this podcast at least twice. Less

  • From a temp home in Germany, a Retired Marine & family build sustainable homes in Washington State.

    In our Replay this week, Jed Strong talks about his new light and airy, enclosed porch, resurrected by Kevin’s VSP Hom ... Moree Remodeling from a wreck of a room. Jed also got a whole house of new windows. Our Horror Story deals with the case of the contractor who tried to lay the blame for the ripples in his bad siding job on the homeowner. Coming from Germany, where his German-born wife wanted to spend some time with her family, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Jeremy Thompson walks us through how he, his wife and two friends back home are building sustainable homes in Washington State. Very cool! Less