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Your Valuable Home

By: Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk

Trenton, NJ, USA

After years on the radio, hosts Kevin Kennedy and Ron Melk have flipped the switch to podcasting! Ou... Read More


  • Meet the Architect Who Designed the First Resilient and Sustainable Home in America!

    In our Replay today, Kevin walks us through the final steps in the installation of the expanded septic system that was r ... Moreequired when he added an in-law suite to his home. Our Horror Story involves a newly constructed residence with all sorts of workmanship issues. Oh yes, it happens. Resilient and sustainable…these are two terms that are making their way into more and more discussions of how we build residential structures in America. In a fascinating interview, we learn about the first house in America designed to be both resilient and sustainable from the architect who designed it, Illya Azaraoff. This house, built to replace one destroyed in hurricane Sandy, can stand up to a Category 5 hurricane. Less

  • Leverage Your Home Equity with Unison – No Payback for Up to 30 years!

    In our Replay today, we help the legendary performer, Kim Sledge plan a garage makeover to livable room. Kim and her sis ... Moreters (Sister Sledge) gave the world "We Are Family" and a string of other hits. In the Horror Story, Kevin was working one of his jobs, when along came a contractor without a permit to solicit business from Kevin’s customer. Some people have no shame. In our Featured segment, you’ll learn about Unison, the novel way to leverage your home’s equity, to make improvements, pay off medical bills…whatever. It’s true…no interest or principal payments for up to 30 years! Less

  • There Are Some Projects Do-It-Yourselfers Just Shouldn’t Do

    In the Replay this week, we talk with Jed about replacing 22 windows in his home – and about turning a dilapidated por ... Morech with an aging hot top into an inviting sitting area. The Horror Story is about the nightmare framing and wiring job done on Jed’s porch by a former owner. And in our Featured segment, Kevin, John the Master Plumber, and electricians James and Joseph run down a list of projects that the average weekend DIYer should not take on because they’re either too complex, too dangerous or both. Less

  • New roof in your future? Don’t make a move without considering these new metal shingles.

    In our Replay today, Kevin talks about his new, expensive septic system. It was a “must do,” because his recently ... Morecompleted in-law suite adds one more bedroom to the house. The Horror Story is about a clueless handyman who used black pipe for a bath tub value, causing rust stain on a brand new tub. In our Featured segment today, Scott Lowe from Provia fills us in on the latest addition to the Provia building products line, metal roofing made to look like shingles, including cedar shakes…a welcome up-to-date spin on the metal sheet roofing. The appearance, durability and warranty are amazing! Less

  • Provia 101: Windows and Doors

    In our Replay today, Gerri talks through the projects she has in mind for her new downsized house. If you’re planning ... More interior work, you can get some ideas by listening to this interview. Think you're safe hiring a family member to do some simple home improvements. Gerri did and paid the price. In our featured interview today, we speak with a Provia executive about the finer points of the company’s windows and doors and their incredible warranty. This is the first of two Provia interviews. Next week, we learn about Provia’s new, incredible metal shingles. If you have relevant projects planned for now or next spring, you should set aside time to hear these two interviews. Less

  • Award-winning Interior Designer on how to make an effective home Design and Construction Team

    In our Replay today, fellow New Pod City podcaster, Rich Hopkins, from Rich and Tim Unleashed gets advice on up-dating h ... Moreis expanded cape cod. Some of the possibilities: transform an existing porch into a year-round room, remove the half wall between the kitchen and dining room, and – if the budget can take it – consider a kitchen re-do. Our Horror Story today involves more misleading references from online referral companies. Then interior designer Donna Hoffman tackles the tricky issue of how to keep a home design and construction team on the right course, while navigating egos, schedules and today’s building product shortages. Less

  • Equally Fascinating this week is John Wolstenholme’s take on Modernizing the Exteriors of 6 Homes.

    In our Your Valuable Home Replay, Angel is back again this week to share her plan for the rejuvenation of her 1940ish Mi ... Mored-century Modern, all concrete home. It’s one of 1,000 such homes built on the suburban Philadelphia site of what was one of the most famous residences in American, the Stotesbury Mansion. Angel is determined to complete her home and Airstream projects by this Fall. Count on Your Valuable Home to track her progress. Our Horror Story is about a contractor fabricating experience on social media. It happens. In our Featured segment, architect John Wolstenholme accepts our challenge to propose how he would refresh and modernize the exteriors of homes in six different architectural styles, beginning with a Mid-century Modern in LA. Less

  • Donna Hoffman tells how she would update the interiors of 6 homes in 6 architectural styles.

    In our Replay, Angel, an interior designer, shares the back story of how she found a mid-century modern home for her mid ... More-century modern Airstream. Both are rejuvenation projects in progress. In the Horror Story, Kevin explains how a young interior designer made a huge mistake by scheduling the installation of a hardwood floor before the demolition was done. Ouch!

    Our Featured segment today is part one of a must-hear, two-part series. This week, much awarded interior designer, Donna Hoffman, accepts our challenge to share her thoughts on how to bring the interiors of homes in six different architectural styles up to date. In our podcast next week, we give the same challenge to an architect, who shares his thoughts on exterior updates. Less

  • Should You Increase Your Homeowner’s Insurance Accordingly?

    In our replay today, you’ll learn about the importance of roof ventilation, and how to make sure it’s done right. Ou ... Morer Horror Story is about one of the
    worst siding jobs we’re ever discovered. Listen and learn how to spot poor siding installation. If your home has increased in value in this crazy seller’s
    market, should your homeowner’s insurance increase to keep pace. “No” says insurance broker Mike Cellucci, unless you’ve made improvements to
    your home since you last evaluated your policy. Homeowner's insurance is all about the replacement cost – not the overall value of a home.
    However, with the cost of building materials on the rise, the replacement cost of a house is a bit of a guessing game for an insurance company. Less

  • Is there any way to beat this real estate seller’s market? Maybe.

    In our Replay today, Heather and Kevin discuss her options as she embarks on a kitchen redo: 1) remodel within the curre ... Morent footprint to save money, or knock down a wall and expand into the dining room space. (The existing kitchen in this 40 something- -year-old house is on the smallish side.) Listen and learn which plan Heather chose. Our Horror Story today is about a total bathroom botch job. Take notes so it never happens to you. In our Featured segment, we discuss some options for buyers who are frustrated by this seller’s market with broker Douglas Krautheim. One option may be to locate a lot in a far suburban or rural area, and build. You’ll probably avoid the bidding wars, but you’ll need patience and money. Another option is to seek out a teardown in a nice neighborhood and rebuild…a move that can also be challenging. Less